About GM Network

What is GM Network?

GM Network is an innovation developed by GM Labs, aiming to bridge the gap between the real and the virtual worlds. It is the first cosumer AIoT network. Developed in collaboration with AltLayer & EigenLayer, GM Network represents a leap forward in the integration of AI and Web3 technologies. As the world embraces the fourth industrial revolution, GM Network is poised to be a significant player, generating real-world data through smart devices and electric vehicles, and offering new interaction methods and entry points for AI.

Why GM Network?

The birth of GM Network in 2024, the first year of Web3 + AI, is a response to the most pressing challenges faced by AI in the blockchain field - computing power, data, and application scenario. GM Network believes that while addressing computing power is crucial, greater opportunities lie in data and application scenario. By providing AI with accurate physical world data and introducing new human-machine interaction methods, GM Network taps into the potential of a vast consumer base. It positions itself as the largest incentive and communication layer between the real and virtual worlds, with its core being an AVS Layer 2 for AIOT. The opportunities in AI-Powered Consumer DePIN are just at the dawn with GM Network leading the way.

Website: https://gmnetwork.ai/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gmnetwork_ai

Bento: https://bento.me/gmnetwork

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