About GM Network

What is GM Network?

GM Network, emerging from the innovative ideas fostered at GM Labs, represents the first consumer AIoT (AI + IoT) network, Developed in collaboration with AltLayer & EigenLayer, the concept of AIoT, which blends Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the Internet of Things (IoT), aims to deepen the integration of smart, connected devices within everyday human activities.

Why GM Network?

As we step into 2024, the evolution of AI technologies, the rapid advancement of consumer-facing IoT devices, now enhanced by AI, is leading to smarter, more intuitive technology solutions. In response to these transformative trends, GM Network was created to serve as the foremost communication and incentive platform that unites AI and IoT. Our vision for GM Network is to seamlessly connect the virtual and real worlds, facilitating a robust infrastructure that supports the vast data and application demands of AI technologies. By fostering this integration, GM Network aims to enhance the accessibility and enjoyment of AI benefits, ensuring that technology genuinely serves human needs and enriches lives.

Website: https://gmnetwork.ai/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gmnetwork_ai

Bento: https://bento.me/gmnetwork

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