API Technical Documentation

  1. Summary

To have your customized quest entry developed, QuestN is going to have your API for certain actions’ verification.QuestN will transfer the addresses to the projects, then verify them by the projects, and after the verification results are out, QuestN will judge if certain actions are done to pass the tasks.

  1. Specifics

The TARGET/API URL cannot be edited again after the corresponding information is submitted.The API would be reviewed by QuestN first to check if it works and the pin value of it in addition.The API used for verification must be an open API.Note that the user's address currently only supports EVM.

  1. Input


  1. Type of Payload

Note: Status Code should always be 200

type RequestPayload = {
    // error can be optionally provided when result is false
    error?: {
        // this is the error code you defined to provider more context (e.g. UNKNOWN_ERROR, 0)
        code: string | number;
        // this is the error message you defined to provider more context (e.g. Unknown error occurred)
        message: string;
    data: {
        // whether the user has done the task
        result: boolean;
  1. Successful Response Example

         "result”: true
  1. Failed Response Example

    "error": {
        "code": 0,
        "message": "error message"
         "result”: false

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