Apply for API-based Template

This is only available to the admins of the verified community. For standard and format, take a look at our tech doc

Step 1 - Click Write your API on


find it at Entries Settings page, under the Customize category, click the Apply for API-based template button.

Step 2 - Fill out the application form

Template title: Keep it short and clear

Task icon: Your Project's logo

Description: State clearly in this field what the task is, and what actions do users need to complete in order to verify the task

Target URL: The link on QuestN you wish to jump to

API URL: From the projects’ side. Then it comes to the

API Header (optional): Add keys on the API

Wallet address for testing: Enter the wallet address that conforms to the format, the system will start testing automatically

Remember, all infos cannot be edited again after being submitted.

Step 3 - Click Apply and all yours

The customized quest templates would be only visible to the communities themselves that created them.

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