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Leaderboard, newly published event template

With the latest version of QuestN published, apart from Milestone and Timed Draw, QuestN has launched its brand new Event template-Leaderboard.

In this newly published event template, hosts can invite other communities to become co-hosts as well just like in other event templates, and there will be absolutely no limitations on how many co-hosts one can have in a leaderboard event.

The Event Leaderboard selects winners by the questers’ ranks at the end of the Event, entries refer to the chance to win, the more entries a quester has, the higher rank he would be.

Setting up a Leaderboard event

It is quite similar to the settings of a quest, the first step of setups in a leaderboard event will ask the host to input the name of the event, upload a banner picture, and then the description.

Just like a quest is made up of several tasks, the leaderboard event would be the same, but there are also differences.

Based on the selected tasks, the event host has to manually enter how many entries does this particular task worth* (The higher the number is, the users who completed this task will receive a higher chance to boost their rank)* in each task, designate some tasks as reward tasks or daily tasks, and the rewarded points value of the task remains the same as it is in quest tasks.

Daily entry allows the event host to reset a particular task every day for users to finish again. But there’re restrictions on the tasks that you can set as daily tasks. (For example, you cannot ask a user to follow your Twitter every day.)

Additionally, the event host can set some bonus tasks. Bonus tasks are limited to certain tasks and usually come with difficulty to be completed. Only 5 bonus tasks can be included in the same leaderboard event, and finishing the bonus tasks would give the questers extra entries.

The last step of the setup of a leaderboard event is obviously the reward part. The number of rewards the host sets refers to the number of top questers on the leaderboard who can eventually claim.

See how it looks on QuestN

After all the setups are done, let’s check how it looks on the QuestN.

Above the tasks in the leaderboard event, displays the current quester's entry number and the sum of all participating questers' entries. The entry number will decide the particular quester’s rank on the leaderboard. The entry number of a single task would also be displayed.

The tasks in the leaderboard event are divided into 2 parts, the basic tasks and bonus tasks. Questers will be eligible to be on the leaderboard when they finish all the basic tasks, and the bonus tasks would be unlocked for questers to finish.

The number of entries a user has will decide his rank on the leaderboard, and the rank would be very obvious to see on it.

At last, here is a showcase that can help you better understand the leaderboard event template.

Climb up the leaderboard and win your rewards

The launch of the leaderboard template brings a new way of playing on the events. Basic tasks and daily tasks will continue to encourage users to take certain actions, which will continue to bring exposure and popularity to the host.

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