Create Quest

Step 1 - Nnavigate to first, click Create a Quest activity, then choose Quest
Step 2 - Fill in the title and description for your quest

Note: You will still be able to edit the Title & Description afterwards. As for Schedule, you will only be able to extend the End Time once the Quest has started.

Step 3 - Set up rewards

Select reward method: First Come First Serve or Lucky Draw, scroll down, choose the network that you would like your quest and rewards to be published on. When user claim the rewards, they will interact with this network.

P.S. When quest template that requires manual review has been selected on Entries Settings, you will not be able to choose giveaway function

Make sure you have the enough amount of tokens in your wallet to enter the tokens into the bonus vault in advance, so that eligible questers will be able to claim the rewards afterwards

  1. Select Token Type (USDT/USDC/DAI…), reach out to us if you would like to use other tokens.

  2. Enter the Total Token Amount, and the Number of Rewards, the token reward would be evenly distributed when the quest is over.

Step 4 - Select your tasks under Entries Settings

Note: You will not be able to add or remove entries once your quest has started.

However, some of the entries can be edited even though the quest status is ongoing. For example, link for repost, discord invite link, etc.

Step 5 - Set the eligibility to participate in your quest

Specify who can take part in your quest

The eligibility part cannot be changed once your quest is published

Final step - Release Your Quest on Chain
  1. Click Release Quest

  1. Click Send Now when the following window pops up, give the reward detail a final check

  1. Confirm on your wallet request, a small amount of gas fee will apply

  2. Click the name of your quest, and check it on QuestN page.

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