Review your Proof of Work Submission

Only submissions from Questers who completed all entries under a quest will be included in the Review Zone

Step 1 - In the quest list, click Review for the quest that requires user to make submissions
Step 2 - You can also download the full list of submissions by clicking the Download button located at the bottom right corner
Step 3 - Keep the addresses whose submissions meet your requirements and delete the rest (rows)

Step 4 - Upload the file on the review page, click Accept

Alternatively, you can

Step 2a - Hover above the icon under submission column to view submission and you will be able to jump to the submission link with one click (If the submission requirement is an URL).
Step 3 - Click the button to accept submission, and the X to reject. It is more convenient to select all entries and approve all at one time to approve / reject. Surely, select multiple entries and search for a user are also allowed.

Step 5 - There are two categories under Reviewed: Accept and Reject. If user would like to submit again after their submission got rejected, please search for their info under Reject and click Re-review

Last Step - After reviewing submissions / uploading csv file, let’s send the rewards so that accepted questers can claim their rewards! There is no return for this step.

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