GM Network

GM Network, supported by AltLayer and EigenLayer, is the first AVS Layer 2 aimed at consumer DePIN, utilizing OP Stack and EigenDA, focusing on AI-powered consumer DePIN.

GM Network aims to provide developers of consumer-oriented smart devices with a proprietary Layer2 featuring:

  • Gasless

  • Security

  • Scalability

  • Dual Staking

With the masterpieces of AltLayer and EigenLayer, GM Network can flexibly offer security, serve a massive number of DePIN devices and developers, provide stable and reliable blockchain services, and bring a Web2-like friendly user experience.

GM Network not only supports the direct deployment of DApps on its Layer2 but also enables more developers to customize their Layer3 according to their needs, allowing for more flexible economic system designs and customizable performance to meet diverse scenarios and requirements.

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