Create Quest Collection

What is the difference between Quest and Quest Collection?

The Quest Collection feature is designed to accommodate a wide range of scenarios, serving as an extension of the quest template, which is commonly used for large-scale joint activities. it is well-suited for partnerships involving multiple project stakeholders. Each event is equipped with a dedicated landing page and a comprehensive set of final rewards for participants. Click here for a sample quest collection.

Step 1 - Fill out Basic Info

Same as it is in the quest settings, just a banner is needed in addition!

Step 2 - Set Up Reward

Same as it is in the quest settings

Step 3 - Select Quests
  1. Quest Collection, as a collection of quests, you can select the quests created by your community into the collection.

  1. By Enter Quests amount, you can set the number of the quests that must be completed to be in the draw of the final rewards of the Collection.

Step 4 - Invite (Optional)
  1. Turn on Co-host Feature and click ➕ Add Co-host

  1. Search your co-host’s QuestN community by using their link and click Invite to select. After you finish adding or co-hosts, click Confirm to send out invitations to your partners

  1. Ask your partners to accept co-host invitation

    • Check the notification system, all invitation requests will be there. Click ✓ or X to accept invitation or reject

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