GM Store

GM Store is a store for AIoTs and NFTs

Features and Sales Models of GM Store:

  1. Flexible Sales Models:

    • Collection: This model bridges NFTs with physical devices. Purchasers first receive an NFT, followed by the physical device upon shipment. This allows users to enjoy benefits from both NFT staking and device mining.

    • NFT Only: In this simpler model, users purchase an NFT and earn rewards through NFT staking.

  2. Supportive Features:

    • Referral Bonus: Users earn bonuses for referring friends who make purchases, enhancing community growth and product reach.

    • Add Liquidity: A portion of sales revenue is allocated to liquidity, supporting stable and continuous trading.

    • Multiple Payment Methods: The platform accepts various cryptocurrencies including USDT, USDC, ETH, and GM, offering flexibility in transactions.

    • Discover Innovative AIoT Products: Users can explore and purchase new and interesting AIoT products, adding fun and innovation to their daily lives.

  3. Mission and Vision:

    • GM store aims to be the starting point for AIoT entrepreneurs by reducing barriers and costs associated with customer acquisition and sales. The use of cryptocurrency not only simplifies transactions but also adds an element of interactivity and engagement, allowing users to easily discover and invest in new AIoT products.

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