$GN Point

$GN is the ecosystem point of the GM Network ecosystem. All incentives within the ecosystem are distributed in the form of $GN.

Ecosystem Point

GN remains a critical component within the GN ecosystem, serving as a pivotal index or point system. $GN can be summed up through various methods, including the acquisition of General GN and referrals. To complement this, it is important to address the consumption aspect of GN. This typically involves various processes such as upgrading levels, synthesis, and forging. all of which require the expenditure of GN points.

How your $GN Point is calculated?

General GN

General GN can be obtained from the entire GM ecosystem. To break it down further, General GN is sourced from just these two areas: Mission and Console

  1. Mission: Complete tasks on Mission

  2. Console:

    • Purchase Products on Launchpad

    • Hold and stake NFT

Referral GN

Referral GN is calculated as 1% of the General GN earned by your valid referrals. For each valid referral who earns General GN, you receive 1% of their earnings as Referral GN. This is automatically added to your Total GN. If you have multiple valid referrals earning General GN, you'd receive 1% of each of their earnings as Referral GN, all contributing to your Total GN. Click here for more info about how our referral works.

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