Active Tasks

Mission Flow

GM aims to accelerate the introduction of exciting AI innovations into consumer DePINs through three stages. Of course, we prefer to call it AIoT (AI + IoT) rather than just DePIN. Through the stages of collecting, training, and expanding, the GM Network will ultimately become the largest incentive and communication layer connecting the real and virtual worlds. Let’s Go!

Stage 1 - Collect

  • Collect NFTs and GN, enhance levels and NFT rarity to prepare for the Stage 2.

Stage 2 - Train

  • Bind devices and train AI through the GM AI App. Rich gameplay and multiple rewards will motivate effective training.

Stage 3 - Expand

  • A massive number of AI+DePIN projects emerge, leading to a major explosion in the GM ecosystem

Ways to earn $GN


Check-in to receive rewards

Rewards are granted for seven consecutive days of sign-ins. Should a day be missed, the sequence resets and must be restarted

  • Web2 social media tasks: Engage on Twitter, Discord, etc.

  • Custom tasks

  • Interactive tasks

Example: Visit external websites; engage with quizzes and other activities to deepen your understanding of GM

  • Seasonal one-time purchase tasks: Targeting different iitems

  • Total spending challenges

  • Each season, we introduce reward tasks for new SKUs

  • Accumulative buying tasks in the store


Single-Level Invitation

Earn a one-time 1% point reward after a successful referral


Equip Gear NFT

Equip a number of Gear NFTs


Collaborative tasks

Tasks from ecosystem partners

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