Mission Flow

The GM Network is designed to revolutionize the integration of AIoTs through a structured four-stage process: staking, mining, training, and transforming. These stages collectively aim to establish GM Network as the foremost communication and incentive layer bridging AI and IoT devices.

Stages of Development

  1. Staking:

    • Users can stake Agent and Gear NFTs along with devices to earn both Tokens and GN. This initial phase sets the groundwork for subsequent stages by building resource pools and preparing participants.

  2. Mining:

    • In this stage, participants bind both Web2 and Web3 IoT devices through the GMAI app. This allows them to mint new NFTs and engage with interactive gameplay. Consistent device usage rewards users with various tokens and aids in training AI agents through real-world data collection.

  3. Training:

    • The diverse IoT devices involved generate vast amounts of data daily. This stage focuses on harnessing that data to train AI systems, enhancing their functionality and enabling both developers and users to reap benefits from improved AI capabilities.

  4. Transforming:

    • The final stage sees the deployment of numerous IoT projects on the GM Network, where AI technology transforms standard IoT implementations into sophisticated AIoT integrations. This transformation expands usage scenarios, increases data generation, and drives a positive growth cycle within the GM ecosystem.

Seasonal Development Strategy:

To effectively progress through these stages, GM Network introduces new content and features in seasonal cycles, each averaging one month. These updates are strategically planned around the stage-specific goals and seasonal objectives, ensuring a dynamic and progressive development environment. As the network evolves, it will gradually transition into more advanced stages, continuously enhancing its infrastructure and expanding its capabilities.

This structured approach not only facilitates the systematic development of the network but also aligns with the broader vision of creating a seamless and productive AIoT ecosystem.

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