AVS (Actively Validated Services)

Why AVS?

  • Before the advent of AVS, the capital and security costs of all Layer2 solutions were very high, as they needed to continually synchronize with Layer 1, which is inherently expensive, making even Rollup costs relatively high (although the Cancun upgrade partially improved this).

  • After the emergence of EigenLayer and AltLayer, all developers can not only build DApps but also construct their own Layer2 or Layer3 at lower costs. With the security market provided by AVS, developers no longer have to worry about paying high security costs and can continue to focus on their products and user experience.

  • Modular combinations like AVS completely liberate innovation. Developers can build their own ecosystem around token + DApp + Appchain, offering users a complete, seamless experience while capturing value through tokens. This is why GM Network chose to build its own Layer2 based on AVS. We are very confident in the dividends and value brought by the innovations of AltLayer and EigenLayer, and it will significantly unleash the potential for innovation, accelerating the mas adoption of Ethereum.

How AVS?

With the power of AVS, GM Network can support all consumer DePIN products to deploy their own DApps or develop their own vertical Layer3 based on GM:

  • Whether DApps or L3s, they can utilize the security and scalability provided by AVS without worrying about high costs.

  • As more DApps and L3s are deployed, GM Network will generate more revenue, which will be automatically distributed to GM stakers, ALT stakers, AVS operators, and ETH re-stakers.

  • Vertical L3 developers can flexibly define their own token models and mechanisms, combining innovation and capturing significant ecosystem value.

  • DApps and L3s will receive support and early ecosystem incentives from GM Network, with all L3s receiving modular support from AltLayer.

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