GM ID is a modular component that combines Passkey, Account Abstraction, and DID to accelerate the DePIN consumer summer

With the power of GM ID, all developers can offer seamless wallet and DID creation services in their products:

  • Social login: Create an AA wallet using Passkey (Touch ID/Face ID/Optic ID) on any device that supports Passkey, whether it's a smartphone, MR device, or any other.

  • Security and convenience: Log in or recover your AA wallet at any time with the same Passkey (Apple/Google account).

  • Gasless: All gas fees are covered by GM Network, transparent to the user.

  • DID: Your nickname is your DID, no need to display complex EVM address formats.

GM ID is compatible with web, iOS, and Android, easy to use, significantly lowering the barrier for developers, and fully integrated with GM Network to cover all Web3 modules.

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